10 Reasons Why You Will Love Bamboo Clothing

If you have ever felt how deliciously soft bamboo clothing is then you wouldn’t need too much convincing to wear it. But, aside from its luxurious texture, bamboo clothing has a pretty impressive list of advantages.

Environmentally Friendly

The bamboo plant grows as quickly as one meter per day, making it easily replaceable and as such, a renewable material. It can be easily harvested by simply cutting it, resulting in no damage to its surrounding environment.

It is also a pretty self-sufficient crop in that it doesn’t require irrigation and thrives on its own without the need for any fertilisers, chemicals or pesticides. The bamboo plant also does its part for climate change, absorbing up to 35% more carbon dioxide than most other plants.


Bamboo has its own defence mechanism called “bamboo kun” which fights off any bugs or bacteria that attempt to thrive on it.  The bamboo kun is retained in its fabric form, even after washing.


In addition to the bamboo kun fighting off any bacteria, bamboo is a natural substance and has a protein structure that our bodies can easily recognise making it non irritating and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Moisture Absorption

Bamboo can take in three times its weight in water making it up to 60% more absorbent than cotton. It helps keep you dry and comfortable for longer by wicking moisture away from the skin and evaporating.

Odour Eliminating

Due to its natural antibacterial properties and high moisture absorbency, bamboo is a natural deodoriser keeping you smelling fresher for longer.


One of the best things about bamboo clothing is that it can be worn in any season because it keeps you warm in the cold and cool in the heat thanks to its unique micro-structure.

UV Protection

Obviously you should still put sunscreen on yourself and your baby when going outside, but bamboo clothing has a natural UV protection, some of up to UPF 50+


Bamboo clothing has anti-static properties meaning it does not cling or stick to your body, even in the heat.


Bamboo clothing is 100% decomposable so at the end of its life cycle, it dissolves easily without any harm to the environment.

Low Maintenance

Because of its strength and durability, bamboo clothing is very low maintenance. It is machine washable, wrinkle resistant, abrasion proof, quick drying, and lightweight.

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